Jason Gallagher writes:
> Team,
> How do you setup debugging for startup scripts on local zones in Solaris 10? 
> We didn't find anything helpful in the /var/svc/log/milestone-multi-user-serv
> er:default.log file

"anything helpful" means nothing at all in that file or ...?

You should see messages like this in that logfile:
  Executing legacy init script "/etc/rc3.d/S52imq".
  Legacy init script "/etc/rc3.d/S52imq" exited with return code 0.

As a random guess, your local zones are not getting to the point where 
they can run those scripts.  Usually, this is due to:

But, log into the zone and run "svcs -x" to determine if there are any 
problems with the zone startup.

> and we can't put set -x in /etc/rc# because the console b
> elongs to the global zone right? 

Not really.  If you set -x in the script, the output will go to the 
logfile you listed above.  But, only if the zone boot gets to the point 
where the milestone services run.

Liane Praza, Solaris Kernel Development
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