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Support for Solaris 10 Including Fine-Grain Permissions and Global Zones
VERITAS File System 4.1 supports Solaris 10 and the accompanying fine-grain permissions. Local zones are also supported.

Support for Local Zones
VERITAS File System is supported in local zones. A file system is mounted as a loopback file system (LOFS) in local zones. Concurrent I/O and Oracle Disk Manager (ODM) are supported in local zones.

Kenneth Boyd wrote:

I have a customer that is having a problem mount a vxfs filesystem in a local zone..

Customer sent me a description on his issue..


As we discussed I am sending this email to describe my problems with mounting of Vxfs filesystems in local zones. I am able to mount Veritas volumes in local zones if the filesystem type is UFS as in the example below:

add fs
set dir=/export/home
set special=/dev/vx/dsk/homedg/ud506d-export-home
set raw=/dev/vx/rdsk/homedg/ud506d-export-home
set type=ufs

As soon as I change the filesystem type to vxfs (and regen the FS) the zone fails to boot because it can't find the mount command in /usr/lib/fs/vxfs. That directory does not get created when the local zone is created. I am using create -b to create zones which means they should be "full". This being the case I tried to "bandaid" the situation by creating /usr/lib/fs/vxfs in the local zone and putting a link in to point to /etc/fs/vxfs/mount which is the same method used by UFS. I copied both directories from the global. It still fails. I need to know Sun's official position on this and the fix (if any). If the mounting of Vxfs filesystems is not supported in local zones this is a major bug. We use Vxfs for all Production applications and this would severely limit our use of local zones in Solaris 10.

Thanks for any help on this

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