system locale: C
timezone: US/Eastern
terminal: VT100
security policy: none
name service: DNS


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On Fri, 21 Jul 2006, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:`realfree+0x68(2a3f0, 8000071, 93ac8, 3a4d8, 0, d)`_free_unlocked+0xb0(ff1efa54, 0, 932f4, ff1efad4, ff1e8284, 2e460)`free+0x24(2e460, 1084, 93334, 0, ff1e8284, 1000)`delwin+0x80(0, 2df58, 2c068, fef03994, 0, 0)`delscreen+0x5c(29748, ff1f09b0, 0, 9, 0, 0)`initscr32+0x48(ff1ecc00, 1, ff1ecbc0, ff1efad4, 0, feefb240)
sysidtty`start_curses+0x38(0, 0, 0, fef35aa8, 188b0, fef37124)
sysidtty`form_create+0x24(fef20194, fef201b8, ff334104, 2, 5, 2)
sysidtty`form_common+0x10(fef20194, fef201b8, ff334104, 2, fef1aa48, f000)
sysidtty`do_get_password+0xb0(ff334104, 4, ffbfee98, 1c24c, ff3c5f94, fef35aa8)

You may be running into

        6447019 sysident dumps core in _sply

As for sysidcfg, I don't have one in the newly creted zones I fill all
the info by hand on zlogin console....

Can you provide details on what your answers are for some of these
questions?  For example, which naming service service did you choose?
Any particular locale?


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