I am trying to figure out how Solaris 10 boots up

Customer needs to add static routes vi the new
service we created and the interface used is that
of a zone and when S10 boots the service runs
before the zone is booted and the routes do not
get added.

Current work around #1
1. Create the .xml file
2. Create the routeadd script
3. add it to the repository
4. Run the service manually after the zones are
booted up after the reboot.

Current work around #2
Removed the service from the repository.

Create the /usr/bin/routeadd script with all the
route add statements.

# vi /usr/sbin/routeradd
#echo "Adding route to for tarantella"
/usr/sbin/route add
-ifp ce101002:1
# For Global zone - Needed to get to the
Tarantella server
/usr/sbin/route add
-ifp ce111002:2
# For TVM local zone
/usr/sbin/route add
-ifp ce113002:2
# For Financials local zone
#echo "Adding route to opsware servers"
/usr/sbin/route add
-ifp ce101002:1
# For Global zone
/usr/sbin/route add
-ifp ce101002:1
# For Global zone
/usr/sbin/route add
ce101002:1Created a legacy startup script  -

Create a legacy startup script to run that runs an
"at" job. The "at" job will run 5 minutes later,
which adds the routes. This insures the zone is

# vi/etc/rc3.d/S100addstaticroutes
at now + 5 minutes < /usr/bin/routeradd

So, my question is, is there a better way to
contorl this? How do we make sure the zone is
booted before the service we created runs?

Thanks in advance.


Larry A. Blom

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