How do you setup debugging for startup scripts on local zones in Solaris 10? 

We didn't find anything helpful in the 
/var/svc/log/milestone-multi-user-server:default.log file and we can't put set 
-x in /etc/rc# because the console belongs to the global zone right? 

Any help on this would be apprecieted, Jay


My customer is unable to run any of her rc scripts on over 18 different local 
zones on three different Solaris 10 boxes.  She's running Orcacle and Control M 
scripts that have worked on all the previous releases of Solaris, but they do 
not work on the global or local zones.  So far, we've verified the following:

-cu is able to run the rc scripts by hand once the system is up and running
-the scripts were put into /etc/rc2.d and /etc/rc3.d to no avail
-I'm waiting on details to get the exact steps that she went through to get her 
startup scripts going and will have that for you if you need it

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