I want to do a demo of zones with my laptop and I was
told that there will be no network connection
available when I do the demo.  My zones work on wired
and wireless interfaces but I can not figure out how
to configure the zones to use the loopback interface. 

I already searched the forum archives and docs.sun.com
but I could not find relevant docs.  The only thing I
found in this forum is the question below posted last
March 24, 2006.  As far as I can see, there have been
no responses so far:

> hey all,
> what documentation is available about configuring 
> zones on machines that don't have outward facing 
> network interfaces?
> i guess i'm looking for documentation on recommended
> networking configurations for zones using only 
> loopback or vni interfaces. (basically to allow the 
> global zone to talk to other zones and possibly for
> those other zones to talk to eachother.)
> thanks
> ed

So I guess my question si: Is it possible to configure
zones to use the loopback interface?  If yes, how?  A
pointer to a documentation would be great.



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