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Is this combination a full zone or sparse zone?

If you want to install Apache in /usr/local, then either:

1) it must be a whole-root zone
2) you mount an explicit /usr/local for the zone, so that Apache is
not trying to install into the inherited /usr from the global zone

Alternatively, you can install Apache anywhere, so you can put it in a
non-inherited FS in the non-global zone.

A trick we have been using with named, is to make /usr/local a
separate FS in the global zone and mount it read only in the
non-global zone. named is compiled to look for it's config in /etc and
it's data in /var/named (neither of which are inherited). This lets us
use _one_ image of the named code and separate configurations and data
in each non-global zone. The same technique should work for Apache.

Paul Kraus
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