Thanks, Alex.

Any idea when this will be integrated? So many BFUs, so few systems.


Alexander Kolbasov wrote On 09/22/06 16:13,:
"Steffen" == Steffen Weiberle <Steffen.Weibere at> writes:

    Steffen> Hi Alexander,

    Steffen> I am just starting to take a look at these, but a general question
    Steffen> right off. Both docs mention that a CPU cap can be set on any 
    Steffen> or any zone. However, it is not clear whether the caps can be set 
    Steffen> projects in the global zone only, or whether they can be set on
    Steffen> projects defined [only] in any non-global zone. Resource pools are
    Steffen> currently defined only in the GZ, while FSS can be defines both in 
    Steffen> GZ for zones and in NGZs for projects with that NGZ.

    Steffen> Can CPU caps be set to projects with an non-global zone?

    Steffen> It would be of value to explicitely state the answer in both 


Thank you for the question.

It is possible to define CPU caps for any project whether it belongs to the
global or local zone. I'll try to make it more explicit in the next rev of the
- Alex Kolbasov
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