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If zones are used is there a limit to the number of slices that can be created?

My goal would be to setup a normal install with the normal slices such as /, /usr, /etc, /opt, /export/home and others that would be shared to the sparse zones then create at least 5 more slices for different sparse and whole zones which would be at least 10 zones. Does this make sense or is there a better way to accomplish this?

I don't think there is a _direct_ connection between zones and disk
slice limitations. If you need to go over seven slices on a physical
disk (or logical LUN), then you need to use SLVM Soft Partitions.

Paul is correct: the use of zones does not change the number of slices that can be used.

However, you *may* choose to put each zone on its own filesystem to further isolate your zones. If you do this with UFS/SVM, soft partitions become very attractive. With ZFS, you have no practical limit on the number of filesystems.

There may be a limitation in terms of the number of filesystems that
can be mounted in a non-global zone. We are using non-global zones
with at least 10 filesystems loopback mounted (LOFS) from the global
zone (that is, 10 LOFS _beyond_ the zone FS and the 4 pkg-inherited
LOFS mounts for a sparse zone).

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