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On 6/30/06, Kenneth Boyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

As soon as I change the filesystem type to vxfs (and regen the FS) the
zone fails to boot because it can't find the mount command in
/usr/lib/fs/vxfs.  That directory does not get created when the local
zone is created.  I am using create -b to create zones which means they
should be "full".  This being the case I tried to "bandaid" the
situation by creating /usr/lib/fs/vxfs in the local zone and putting a
link in to point to /etc/fs/vxfs/mount which is the same method used by
UFS.  I copied both directories from the global.  It still fails.  I
need to know Sun's official position on this and the fix (if any).  If
the mounting of Vxfs filesystems is not supported in local zones this is
a major bug.  We use Vxfs for all Production applications and this would
severely limit our use of local zones in Solaris 10.

       Check the details of the packages for the Veritas FS software.
I'll bet the correct flags to propogate the files to all zones is not
set. This is also an outstanding problem with the Solaris Management
Console packages (certain files do not get propoagted to whole root
zones), Sun had to roll a custom version of those packages for me.

While lofs is the only officially supported option from Symantec, mounting directly in the zone can be accomplished with a work-around. see:

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