Thanks. I tried that and it will show all the mappings except for the LUNs 
added dynamically after the last reboot. Those do show up once you do a reboot. 
(I'm not sure if a reconfiguration reboot is required though.)  

I was told by Sun Support to try "luxadm display /dev/rdsk/cxtxxxxxxxxxd0s2" to 
see the paths for the LUNs not in the stmsboot -L output before a reboot. That 
output does show all the paths but requires a hex-to-decimal conversion of the 
scsi device number from the output to be able to make use of the info in a 
vfstab entry. It's still usable though.

Between these two commands I now have a way of setting up a vfstab that can be 
used by the Solaris upgrade process to do the upgrade on both the global and 
the non-global zones. It's still a very manual process but it is possible to do 
it and should get an upgrade to work. Now that I have a Jumpstart server and 
flash archive setup, I should be able to test this and be absolutely certain 
fairly soon.

Thanks again.
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