I'm still having zone creation issues where my /etc/pam.conf is corrupt.

I have 2 machines, one works fine, the other always creates the
zone with a bad /etc/pam.conf.

I used the Dtrace toolkit "opensnoop" program to watch on both machines.
I see on the "good" machine, where it creates the /etc/pam.conf correctly
that a process properly copies the file from the pspool directory:

0 29509 cp 4 /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWcsr/save/pspool/SUNWcsr/reloc/etc/pam.conf
This happens during the "Initializing package <x> of <y>: percent complete: 
??%" phase.
I never see this on the machine having issues.  In fact what I do see is:

0 16561 cat -1 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf 0 16564 grep 7 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf 0 16565 sh 7 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf 0 17485 cat 6 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf 0 17487 cat 6 /tmp/pam.conf.17484 0 17489 grep 6 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf 0 17490 sh 6 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf 0 17491 grep 6 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf 0 17492 sh 6 /pool1/zones/bktest2/root/etc/pam.conf
so it appears to be trying to manipulate the file rather than just copy it.

What determines whether a file is copied from the save/pspool/... directory
rather than just a postinstall script trying to manipulate it?

I've even upgraded the system to the latest U3 beta and the problem persists.

Is the process flow for creating zones documented somewhere?
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