Hi Roshan,

You need to configure the VLAN interfaces. If your VLAN Id is VVV, you will have ceVVV000 for that VLAN on ce0 and ceVVV001 for that VLAN on ce1. Multiply the VLAN number by 1000 and add it to the device instance (in this case either 0 or 1).

So for VLAN 753 on ce1 and zone2,

add net
set physical=ce753001
set address=


Roshan Perera wrote On 10/17/06 11:50,:
Hi all,

Appreciate if someone can help me with VLAN tagging on zones please.

Details below. Dummy example..
Global Zone IP address (IPMP real)
                            ce0 (IPMP test)
                            ce1 (IPMP test)

VLAN tagging to be used in zones preferably using the same nic's as above or 
separate NIC.

zone1  to use VLAN tagging with IP address
zone2  to use VLAN tagging with IP address

Reason for tagging is for security reasons.

Is the above config possible/supported. If so please advice how to configure.

Many Thanks


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