Jens Elkner wrote:
I'm just starting to experiment with Solaris 10 06/06 zones. Seems, that it
basically works (good :)), however I guess, install does not work correctly.
E.g. I've packages, which are installed in the global zone with '-a none' in
/usr/local and but their default BASEDIR is /usr. pkgparam -v correctly says

But when I try to install a new zone, I get a lot of warnings like: attribute
verification of </zones/flexlm/root/usr/bin/gsed> failed pathname does not
exist ...

BTW: /usr/local is a separate ufs, which is not inherited to the zone. Might
this be the cause, that in this case zone install simply assumes /usr as
BASEDIR for the zone ? If so, bug or feature?

IMHO zone install should avoid installing any packages whomes BASEDIR points to
a directory, which gets not inherited ....

Regards, jel.

Not an answer, but some points:

* In general non-Solaris software should not be installed in /usr. In the past it has not mattered that much. Now it matters. If the software absolutely must be installed in /usr/local, using LOFS to mount a writable global-zone directory into the non-global zone's /usr/local usually solves the problem.

* What happens if the pkg is installed in /opt instead, with an inherit-pkg-dir in the zone? Do you still get those warnings/error messages?

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