Jens Elkner wrote:
Is there a feature, which allows me to configure or tell zone install to NOT 
install certain packages?

E.g. I've a machine with StarOffice installed. For obvious reasons I don not 
want to inherit the StarOffice packages into a none-global zone. Finding the 
appropriate packages is not an issue, but how can I tell 'zone install/zonecfg' 
to not inherit them. Being able to use something like a jumpstart profile would 
help a lot...

Of course, one might be able to uninstall the packages within the non-global 
zone, however there is still the disadvantage, that I would need initially a 
lot more space (on my test machine it is ~ 1 GB with inherited /sbin /platform 
/usr /lib /opt) - I guess ~ 500 MB are the StarOffice backups from patches, I 
lot more time to install the zone and a lot of time to fix the zone aka 
uninstall all packages/services, which are not required...

Any hints or improvements on the zone roadmap ?

We do have an RFE filed for this:

4963323 RFE: zonecfg/zoneadm should support a way to exclude packages

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