Brian> It appears the load values obtained within a local zone are measured
Brian> across the whole system rather than for just the processes within
Brian> that local zone.

For all CPUs in whatever processor set sendmail is running in, which by
default would be the whole system.

Brian> IHAC ...

Note that in my experience, that acronym is not widely used outside Sun, so
on a list such as this, it would be polite to spell out "I have a customer".

Brian> ... that uses sendmail in multiple zones on the same system and
Brian> it uses the load metric for decisions about when to queue, when to
Brian> refuse connections, etc.  Does the sendmail in a local zone get its
Brian> LA metrics based on only its local zone or across the entire system?

sendmail on Solaris (9 and later) uses pset_getloadavg(3C).

Brian> An how does that play with the use of FSS?  If its for the entire
Brian> system, this would skew the behavior of how it would work in zones.

I'll let someone more expert on the fair-share scheduler comment on that.

Brian> Also, would pools with processor sets make this better or worse?

I would suspect better, since only CPUs in that processor set would be

-- John
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