After we didn't find some useful consensus on #opensolaris, I'm posting my 
issues with packaging in combination with zones here.

Reading the various packaging guides, it seems as if they're written for a 
pre-zones world and require setups that made sense then, but may not make sense 

1. /opt/VNDRpkg/etc is troublesome with zones that (for some reason) use 
inherit-pkg-dir (the zones inherit the global configuration and can't change it)

One recommendation on #opensolaris was to not use inherit-pkg-dir because its 
lack of flexibility, but in some scenarios that might not be an option, and as 
long as this feature exists, it should be well supported even if no workaround 
exists imho.

Using /etc/VNDRpkg/ or something like that seems to be more reasonable, but 
might be outside the specs wrt file namespace usage (esp. the requirement to 
restrict such packages to /opt)

2. interaction of (pre|post)(install|remove) and action scripts with zones.

if they have to modify/create/delete a file once (in global zone preferably, as 
it can write to inherited directories), how to tell the script? and how often 
and at which point are those scripts called anyway?

there might be more questions that I haven't found yet, still trying to 
overcome these ;-)

Is some revision/appendix for the packaging standards appropriate? if so, how?

patrick mauritz
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