I've created a zone which should mount the /pool1/flexlm.ulo zfs via lofs:

+ zfs create pool1/flexlm.ulo
+ zfs set atime=off pool1/flexlm.ulo
+ zfs set sharenfs=off pool1/flexlm.ulo

+ zonecfg -z flexlm
 add fs
         set dir=/usr/local
         set special=/pool1/flexlm.ulo
         set type=lofs
         add options rw,nodevices

This seems to work. However the manual zfs(5) say, that the mountpoint property 
has to be set to legacy.
1) why ?
2) if one sets the zfs property to legacy, the manual does not say, how an 
/etc/vfstab entry should look like (and a mount_zfs man page doesn't exist)...
3) the /pool1/flexlm.ulo property is set to atime=off. Do I need to specifiy 
this option or something similar, when creating the zone?
4) Wrt. best performance, only , what should one prefer: add fs:dir or add 
fs:dataset ?
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