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Zone/Container Gurus,

My customers' DBAs ask:

3. is it still true that you need to reboot a zone when adding a new disk?

       I have not had to reboot to add a disk to a Solaris system in
many, many years. It all depends on whether the disk hardware is hot
swap (and I used to take the chance and even change out non-hot-swap
SCSI devices if they were external).

       You also do not need to reboot the zone to add (or I assume,
although I haven't actually tried this, remove) an FS mounted via an
LOFS mount. The example of how to do this (add a new LOFS mount to a
running zone) in Jeff Victor's Zone Blueprint is wrong (and he knows
and the correction  will be in the next revision). The correct command
to add an LOFS mount to a running non-global zone is:

mount -F lofs <mount point in the global zone> <mount point in the
non-global zone>

For example, assume you just created /export/work in the global zone
and you want to mount it as /work in a non-global zone. The non-global
zone in named "work-zone" and it's zonefs is located at /zones/work.
You would issue the following mount command:

mount -F lofs /export/work /zones/work/root/work

Following which /work would exist in the non-global zone "work-zone".
You still need to add it to the zone configuration for the "work-zone"
or it will not be mounted in the non-global zone after a reboot of
that zone.

Paul Kraus
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