Rayson Ho wrote:
It's being worked on:

IIRC, it is currently not supported because the kernel part of NFS
server does not understand the concept of zones...

In order to help the NFS team understand the importance of this
issue we need to make sure that this RFE has customer records
attached to it for anyone who is interested in this feature.

If you need this feature, please send directly to me, off the alias,
your contact information and I will add a customer record to this
RFE for you.  If you know you are already on this RFE, there is no
need to send me the information again.

What I need is your name, Company or Organization name, and how
severe the impact of this RFE is to you (1-5, 1 is highest).

Having this information attached to the RFE will help the NFS team
to prioritize this feature against the other work they have on their

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