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A (large) customer recently asked me to implement a feature whereby they
could monitor zone activity via syslog.  The motivation is that for this
customer, any zone state change not during maintenance windows is a cause
for alarm.

I've had a similar request in my organization as a means of helping to
identify which physical machine a zone is on by viewing centralized
syslog data.  Arguably, my use case is of limited value unless zones
are rebooting all the time (hence no RFE for my use case).

So here are my questions:

    - Do you think this is useful?


    - Do you think the log level (Info) is right?  daemon.info is
      *not* logged by default, whereas notice is.  (So basically: do
      you want these messages in /var/adm/messages by default, or not?)

Info is OK for normal state transitions.  If a reboot fails and it
ends up installed rather than running, I would expect that is an
daemon.err (or is it daemon.error...) because something went wrong.

    - Do you think the facility of 'daemon' is OK?  With Solaris
      syslog you can't AFAIK route messages based on the value of
      'program' (which in this case is 'zoneadmd').

There's a good RFE!  :)  'daemon' works for me.

    - Any comment about whether the info provided is sufficient?
      For example, when a zone reboots it goes through numerous
      state transitions, but I chose to express this as one
      big transition-- does that work for everyone?

Perhaps if zoneadmd is running in a debug or verbose mode (selected by
zonecfg(1M) property or /etc/default/zones?) then it could log
detailed state transition info to daemon.debug.


Mike Gerdts
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