> This is how we treat cpu-shares. project 0 in the global zone has "infinite"
> shares.
> This will not help root logins directly, but could by setting:
>       usermod -K project=system root

        Or perhaps deliver root's entry this way to start with.

> Would it be reasonable to propose special treatment of the global project 0
> for all project and zone rctls?  Once could argue that capping system daemons
> can only lead some sort of undesireable system failure.
> This would of course exempt all global zone system daemons from resource
> management.  To mitigate this, SMF could be leveraged to run application
> daemons (or leaky/bad system daemons) in other projects.

        leaky or bad system daemons should be fixed, but defining projects
        may well be a workaround ;-}
> Perhaps this issue should be run as a seperate fasttrack?  I need to 
> investigate the implementation impact.

        I'm looking for this case to define how to preserve the current
        model of "unlimited" unless one asks for a limit model in the
        global zone.  I believe it is important from a system integrity and
        maintenance perspective.  Other's may have different opinions.
        If there is a compelling reason to deliver in phases, please discuss

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