On Tue 31 Oct 2006 at 03:24PM, Steve Lawrence wrote:
> It seems reasonable to amend this case to say:
>       1.
>       Any process with priv_sys_resource running in the global zone's
>       system project (project 0) will not subject to project.* or zone.*
>       resource controls.  System daemons which wish to be subject to the
>       global zone's resource controls can drop priv_sys_resource.

This "feels" risky for a patch... the effect here is to "un-manage"
things which the customer may be expecting to be resource managed,
potentially including a workload.  Or is the point that no-one using
RM will be relying on the system project to limit things?

This implies that can't give the system project 10 (or 100) shares
after this proposal?


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