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Hi All,

Is it possible to grow an ufs filesystem in a zone?
Softpartitions is used, so from the global zone I could
use something like metattach -s dceux06-ds d21 20g
to grow the physical partition.

How do I acctually grow the file system?
Do I need to unmount the file system in the local zone
an do a growfs from the global zone.

>From zonecfg info:
        dir: /oradb/oracle/admin/data
        special: /dev/md/dceux06-ds/dsk/d21
        raw: /dev/md/dceux06-ds/rdsk/d21
        type: ufs
        options: []

Without unmounting or shutting down the zone, you should be able to do:

globalzone# growfs -M /<zonepath>/oradb/oracle/admin/data

The file system will be locked while growing, but that should be a
very short time - most likely shorter than you would see if you had a
SCSI command time out.


Mike Gerdts
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