Steve Lawrence wrote:
On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 12:02:58PM -0800, Gary Winiger wrote:
This is how we treat cpu-shares. project 0 in the global zone has "infinite"

This will not help root logins directly, but could by setting:

        usermod -K project=system root
        Or perhaps deliver root's entry this way to start with.

Would that be a reasonable change to make via patch?  Perhaps this change
could be delivered to nevada, but not backported.

It would be confusing to deliver this change, and also deliver the "user.root"
project.  If we made root's default project "system", then the "user.root"
project should be removed.  "user.root" is kind of a bug anyhow, as SMF does
not run root services in "user.root".  Currently, only root processes spawned
by login/pam run in "user.root".

I actually felt that that was an interesting accident that had useful
sideeffects.  It would though be better to formalise the distinction
between services SMF starts and logins to root.  I think it is actually
a good thing that they are in different projects by default.

Just because they are in different projects doesn't mean the configuration of those projects can't be the same.

Darren J Moffat
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