Steve Lawrence wrote:
Would it be reasonable to propose special treatment of the global project 0
for all project and zone rctls? Once could argue that capping system daemons
can only lead some sort of undesireable system failure.

This would of course exempt all global zone system daemons from resource
management.  To mitigate this, SMF could be leveraged to run application
daemons (or leaky/bad system daemons) in other projects.
Please don't do that in a hardcoded way. I don't mind if it is the default but it can't be hard coded. One of the main reasons we have nfsd (and kcfd) is so that resource controls can be placed on system services.

Do you mean "one of the reasons that nfs and kcfd run in the system project"??

This is getting a bit off topic for this case I think.

Certainly by default.  kcfd also puts itself into the FX scheduling
class if FSS is not the default.  The idea was that you could control
how much CPU resource the kernel software crypto takes up (either give
it more or less depending on your needs).

With the advent of SMF this is actually really easy to do since you
just need to set the project/pool the start method runs in.

Also it is perfectly reasonable to have a case where no "useful" customer work happens in the global zone, ie it is a service processor
really, and all the real work happens in the non global zones.

Please elaborate on this.  I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at.

I think it might be my miss understanding of what this case really does.

The idea here is that the real application work all happens in a
non global zone,  the global zone is just there to manage the machine.
Unfortunately nfsd and kcfd are bad examples of services since their
work is global zone specific in this case (kcfd does run in a local
zone but the kcf thread pool it creates is global zone only).  I was
thinking more of services that could run in the global zone and if
they are they are lower priority than the local zone ones.

Now that I think about this case a bit more I think that it doesn't
actually change things in that area.

Darren J Moffat
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