Ian Matchett writes:
> How do I move a zone to use<br>
> <br>
> bge1:1 </tt><tt><br>

Two methods: change the entry in zonecfg and restart the zone, or
unplumb the alias and plumb up a new one from the global zone.

The first case:

# zonecfg -z test
zonecfg:test> select net physical=bge0
zonecfg:test:net> set physical=bge1
zonecfg:test:net> end
zonecfg:test> verify
zonecfg:test> commit
zonecfg:test> exit
# zoneadm -z test reboot

The second case:

# ifconfig bge0:1 unplumb
# ifconfig bge1:1 netmask + broadcast + zone test up

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