Jeff Victor wrote:
If I add a ZFS dataset to a zone, and then want to "zfs send" from another computer into a file system that the zone has created in that data set, can I "zfs send" to the zone, or can I send to that zone's global zone, or will either of those work?

I believe that the 'zfs send' can be done from either the global or local zone just fine. You can certainly do it from the local zone.

FYI, if you are doing a 'zfs recv' into a filesystem that's been designated to a zone, you should do the 'zfs recv' inside the zone.

(I think it's possible to do the 'zfs recv' in the global zone, but I think you'll have to first make sure that it isn't mounted in the local zone. This is because the global zone doesn't know how to go into the local zone and unmount it.)

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