Dan Price wrote:

'list -i' religiously follows this idiosyncratic approach ;-)

We have a plan to add 'zoneadm info' or some such to display all the
runtime attributes of running zones.  Hopefully we'll get to that in the
next 12 months or so.  I'd request that you hold off on adding list -l
until we design 'info'.

The problem is that we have requests from the users of IP Instances (folks that have used the bits on opensolaris.org) to have a way of displaying which datalink names are assigned to which running zones.

If you start work on 'zonadm info' in 12 moths when would you expect to have it integrated?

It's up to the network experts to decide whether dladm -z or some such should exist to provide zone scoping.

The design principal is: If 'zone' is an important property of the object
being managed, then it should be considered for display, since
administrators may need to be aware of that information, or may need
an easy way to get it.

But it isn't dladm that manages the assignment of datalink names to the zones. It is configured in zonecfg and the implementation uses devfs/devnames. Thus dladm is not a natural place.

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