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Could "ifconfig" be modified to report all network interfaces that
are assigned to a zone?

I assume you mean in the global zone; ifconfig -a inside a zone (global or not) does report all the network interfaces that are configured.

Yes I do, and more specifically, I was referring to the shared
stack model, not the exclusive stack model.

I can't see any reason why or for ifconfig, in the global zone, should
report on interfaces that belong to other zones where they are using
the exclusive zone model.

Here's one reason: consistency. All users in the GZ can see some inforamtion about non-global zones (e.g. "ps"). Privileged GZ users can see all info about non-global zones, and need to do so in order to manage them.

I am not certain that observation of exclusive-IP-instances from the GZ should be the default, but it should be possible.

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