If we want any form of internal consistency, wouldn't we also need to change were we assign datalink names from zonecfg to dladm?

Thus no more 'net' resource in zonecfg for exclusive-IP zones, but instead some
        dladm set-zone zoneA bge1

Only having dladm show it, and not be able to affect it, seems quite inconsistent.

As Dan pointed out, there are already other commands such as
ifconfig(1M) and mount(1M) which manipulate or observe resources
assigned to a zones so using dladm(1M) wouldn't be that inconsistent.

I think the objection is around adding a resource-specific option to
"zoneadm list".  Rather than waiting for the "info" command, what about
introducing a "-o <format>" option instead where "datalinks" or
something like that can be used to indicate you wish to select the data
links of each zone as the information to be printed?

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