As Dan pointed out, there are already other commands such as
ifconfig(1M) and mount(1M) which manipulate or observe resources
assigned to a zones so using dladm(1M) wouldn't be that inconsistent.

Yes, but those provide for manipulation (aka change) and observability in the same place.

However, dladm(1M) is still the place (from the global zone) where such
datalinks are instantiated, right?  For example, isn't that the method
in which VNICs are created is through dladm?  Or aggregated links?

Rather than waiting for the "info" command, what about
introducing a "-o <format>" option instead where "datalinks" or
something like that can be used to indicate you wish to select the data
links of each zone as the information to be printed?

Wouldn't this set a precedent that other things be available as -o?
E.g. -o uuid, -o brand, ...

Yes, it would.

Only introducing '-o datalinks' and never introducing any other -o specifiers bit instead moveingto an info subcommand for subsequent ones seems odd.

If you commit to adding other -o specifiers in short order, then I can see the benefit of introducing '-o datalinks' as part of IP Instances. If not, then this seems like a dead end to me.

Although there isn't an approved case on this yet, I believe there has
been some general agreement that such an option may be useful
(especially since the default "list -v" output is getting rather

Can we hold off on introducing the "list -l" functionality from this
design until we can resolve how to deal with the more general
observability issue?  Perhaps either through a "zoneadm info" or a
"zoneadm list -o" mechanism?

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