I am working on a new spec.  I have an unanswered question from the

> >     The "SIZE" column will also be changed to "SWAP" for prstat
> >     options a, T, and J, for users, tasks, and projects.
> The reason for not changing this column in the default output would be
> helpful.

I have a seperate private interface used by prstat(1m) to get aggregate swap
reserved by users, tasks, projects, and zones.  Default prstat output is
"per-process", and the information is accessed via /proc.

Currently, per-process swap reservation is not counted or made available via
/proc.  From proc(4):

     typedef struct psinfo {
        size_t pr_size;           /* size of process image in Kbytes */

"size of process image" is pretty meaningless.  If we can change "pr_size" to
be "swap reserved by process", then we could change "SIZE" to "SWAP" for all
prstat(1m) output.  Would such a change to psinfo_t be reasonable????  If
not, could potentially convert pr_pad1 to pr_swap????


On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 12:13:41PM -0800, Gary Winiger wrote:
> At the request of the project team, I've put this case into waiting need spec.
> When the spec is updated, it will be sent out and the timer reset.
> Gary..
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