Hi Ulf,

SC 3.2 will offer two zone integration models.
1. the ha container as you know it from SC3.1 U4
2. the zone integration which uses a zone as a virtual node. here the 
combination of nonde:zone represents a node for the resourcegroups  nodelist.

>From the concept one you can have your ease of use like administering users, 
>projects and so on only once. The zone is treated as aresource and is running 
>on one node ata a tim.
>From concept two you get the opportunity to failover you oracle from one zone 
>to another zone for maintenance work.

Unfortunatly HA Oracle will not be integrated for failover zone at SC3.2 GA it 
needs some pressure to FBC 1465 to make it happen. So you still have to decide 
for which concept to go.
You can currently leverage the containers script of smf componets to integrate 
Oracle into failover zones. If you need more information about the pros and 
cons for both concepts I point you to  the CEC presentation Thorsten Frueauf 
and I were giving.


On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 05:15:51PM +0530, Zoram Thanga wrote:
> Hi Ulf,
> It's not clear to me, from your mail, whether or not you're planning to 
> deploy on Sun Cluster. Can you confirm one way or the other? I might be 
> able to help if you're going to use Sun Cluster.
> Thanks,
> Zoram
> Ulf Björklund wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I'm about to deploy a new platform for about 30+ oracle instances.
> >These will be Ora 9i to Ora 10g. The availability for these will match
> >what you'll get from SunCluster HA Oracle agents. (FailOverServices)
> >The instances will be spread over three to five nodes so one could
> >manually balance the load. (planned actions)
> >
> >Would it be preferable to use one zone for each ora-instance instead of
> >making then HA-aware in the global zone as traditional HA-services?
> >(Ora in zones might be more integrated in SC3.2)
> >
> >Some obvious tasks is acctually easier to manage in a zone, like
> >local users, roles, profiles, system resources and so on.
> >
> >Any comments and suggestions on the different approach is much appreciated.
> >
> >/Best Regards
> >Ulf
> > 
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