I'm currently running a Solaris 10 1/06 system as my home firewall/server for 
the Internet and my Intranet. Currently, I have no zones. I'm trying to figure 
out how to setup a new zoned system (S10 6/06) where I will have a zone to 
serve the INternet and a zone to serve my Intranet...

So, I have a V100 with two interface, dmfe0 is on 10.10.10/24 as 
This is my intranet where I run samba, dns, ntp, smtp, http proxy ... ON the 
second interface, I have a static IP thru a cable company. My 
system has one IP 69.69.69.X and the cisco router is the gateway/defaut router 
for my system, the other IPs are the network and the broadcast IP. I'm running 
IPFilter to filter and NAT the proper protocol thru in/out.

How can I setup two zones, one for Intranet services and one for Internet 
services and still have routing going in/out from my reserved internal network 
and the firewall system ???

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