On Tue 28 Nov 2006 at 08:09PM, Peter Baer Galvin wrote:
> Hi, quick question on how best to use zone cloning with zfs.
> I've played with creating a master zone and then cloning it before its
> first boot. That seems to work fine.
> I'd rather create a master zone, boot it to walk through the smf
> initialization, and then clone it. I'm confused as to how this would
> work (or wouldn't) though. How will the networking in the clone be
> correct if the master has already gone through its sysid
> configuration? Or do you need to unconfig the clone and then sysid
> config it?
> Thanks for any best practice info around this issue.

We automatically sys-unconfig the new zone at clone time-- but that
doesn't affect the SMF manifest import.  So: make your master zone,
boot it, wait for manifest import to finish, then clone away, it should
work just as you want.


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