Chris Greenman wrote:
That was kinda my thinking too but I guess an lofs
mount would do the same thing.  Quick question though,
what is the major different between an inherit-pkg-dir
and an lofs mount?  This is one area of zones I
haven't really researched that well.

There are several differences between inherit-pkg-dir
and lofs mounts.

* You can only set inherit-pkg-dir entries while
  configuring the zone.  Once it is installed, they
  cannot be added or removed.  This is not true for
  lofs mounts

* An inherit-pkg-dir mount is read-only.  Lofs mounts
  can be either read-only or read-write.

* Probably the biggest one is that the inherit-pkg-dir
  settings are used to help figure out how pkgs are
  installed in the zone and what pkg data must be installed
  in the zone vs. inherited from the global zone.  As a
  result, this also impacts zone migration dependency checking.

This last point is fairly complex since there are
no restrictions on what you can specify for inherit-pkg-dir
but in reality, I don't think you could make arbitrary
settings for those and have things always work.

In general, we have the 4 standard values (/usr, /platform,
/lib & /sbin) for a sparse zone and no settings for a whole-root
zone.  The one gray area is probably /opt.  We were just
talking about this the other day and if we should impose
some restrictions on inherit-pkg-dir to make things a little
more sane.  It might be helpful for us to hear from people
what inherit-pkg-dir settings they use, beyond the standard
sparse settings, and why they chose those.  We are thinking
about the possibility of having a setting for a sparse vs.
whole-root zone instead of having to set inherit-pkg-dir,
but we also recognize that there might be some issues around /opt.

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