Well let me pose a question to you then.  I'm planning
on running Mysql5 in a NGZ.  The blastwave package for
Mysql5 includes the SMF service definition to fire
everything up.  From what you described, wouldn't make
more sense to use an inherit-pkg-dir since that will
force the package instance to be installed in the zone
as well, thus retaining all the stuff that DOESN'T
reside in /opt/csw?  

--- Jeff Victor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Using a lofs mount does not cause any pkg-related
> actions. It's simply another fs 
> mount type.
> If you lofs-mount a directory into a zone, and the
> dir has pkgs installed into it, 
> users in the zone should be able to use the
> application installed by the pkg, but 
> would not be able to use pkginfo or pkgchk to
> determine that the pkg has been 
> installed.  Further, if you want to patch the pkg
> later, the patch tools will 
> decide that the pkg is not installed in the zone and
> refuse to patch that zone.

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