Jenny Wong wrote:
Hi there,

I have a need to create multiple zones on
a Solaris server machine. I am thinking of
whole root zones

In general we recommend using a sparse-root zone unless your application requires a whole-root zone. There are several advantages to sparse-root zones, including more efficient use of system resources.

(More information below.)

Looking at the zone admin docs, I am still not quite clear on how I should
set the "net" properties ('physical' and 'address').

'ifconfig -a' gives me the following info:

# ifconfig -a
flags=2001000849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4,VIRTUAL> mtu 8232 index 1 inet netmask ff000000 e1000g0:
flags=1000843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4> mtu 1500 index 2
        inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
ether 0:14:4f:45:62:a
I think creating the zones on the private network
would be easier, meaning, the zones can have no network access to outside, only access from the
 the global zone and no access from other machines. Or

am I wrong? Otherwise, I assuem I have to get IP addresses and the zone names pushed into the central
YP server or something by our System Admin.

If you only want to access a zone from the global zone's root user, you don't need an IP address. You can use the zlogin command instead.

If you want non-root users in the global zone to access the zone, the zone will need an IP address. The global zone will need a route to the non-global zone in order the get the type of communication you mentioned working.

Either way, if I need to creat 3 zones on this server, what is the detailed procedure? Here is
what I think I need to do:
# zonecfg -z myzone1
myzone1: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:myzone1> create
zonecfg:myzone1> set zonepath=/export/zones/myzone1
zonecfg:myzone1> set autoboot=true
zonecfg:myzone1> add fs
zonecfg:myzone1:fs> set dir=/export/share
zonecfg:myzone1:fs> set special=/export/share
zonecfg:myzone1:fs> set type=lofs
zonecfg:myzone1:fs> end
zonecfg:myzone1> add net
zonecfg:myzone1:net> set address=
zonecfg:myzone1:net> set physical=????

The "add net" section would look like this:

zonecfg:myzone1> add net
zonecfg:myzone1:net> set address=
zonecfg:myzone1:net> set physical=e1000g0
zonecfg:myzone1:net> end

so what are the values I need to use for "address" and "physical" and I how can 
I figure out?

If you can give me as much detail as posisble,
that'd help. AS I said, I am not very familiar with
Solaris system admin stuff, but I'd love to learn.

Thanks.  Jenny

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