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In that case you'll need to have something running in the global zone
control the plumbing and unplumbing of the IP address in the NGZ. That
is, you can't have the failover IP address be a part of the zones'

Is there an existing RFE to fix this?  I have been meaning to file one
for quite some time but just haven't gotten around to it.

Which "this" is broken?

The way I work around this is I have a tool used for managing zones
(similar in many respects to the recently announced "zonemgr") that
has "enable" and "disable" subcommands.  Among other things, the
disable subcommand "comments" network interfaces.  That is, it adds an
attribute (or multiple) that includes the information about the
interface and removes the "net" resource(s).  I then have an uncomment
function that reverses the work done by the comment function.


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