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Mike Gerdts wrote:
> Is there an existing RFE to fix this?  I have been meaning to file one
> for quite some time but just haven't gotten around to it.

Which "this" is broken?

I need a way to boot a zone for administrative purposes without the
network coming up.  This same class of problem has existed in the past
(before Solaris 9) with the network coming up in single user mode.  It
causes problems during periods when functionality that is tied to an
IP address is being migrated between machines.

In the past, this would typically happen only during a lease
replacement cycle.  The workaround is ideally to move /etc/hostname.*
out of the way on the old machine, or if that is forgotten, unplug
ethernet cables then move /etc/hostname.* files out of the way.  This
is a suboptimal situation when working up to several thousand miles
from the machine.  Today, I am working on consolidation efforts where
part of the risk mitigation for guessing wrong about which workloads
play nicely together is to be able to quickly migrate the workload
(zone) to another machine.  To be able to build a zone on the
destination machine, I need to run JASS, synchronize some
configuration data, etc.  I can't have the same IP up on two different
zones at the same time.

I haven't verified it yet, but I am pretty sure that I can now boot a
server with "boot -m none" (or is it boot -o milestone=none?) and have
the global zone come up without networking. Presumably, I would want
the same to happen if I boot the zone.


Mike Gerdts
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