We've operating in the following setup for well over 60 days.

 - E2900 (24 x 92)
 - 2 2Gbps FC to EMC SAN
 - Solaris 10 Update 2 (06/06)
 - ZFS with compression turned on
 - Global zone + 1 local zone (sparse)
 - Local zone is fed ZFS clones from the global Zone

[b]Daily Routine[/b]
 - Shutdown local Zone
 - Recreate ZFS clones
 - Restart local Zone
 - End to end timing for this refresh is anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes. Bulk 
of the time is spent in the ZFS 'destroy' phase.

 - We had extensive read/write activity in the global and local Zones 
yesterday. I estimate that we wrote 1/4 of one large ZFS filesystem, ~ 160GB of 
 - This morning we had a fair amount of activity on the system when the refresh 
started, zpool was reporting around 150MB/S of write.
 - Our 'zfs destroy' commands took what I considere 'normal', the FS that was 
fielding the bulk of the I/O took 15 minutes. During this time everything was 
crawling or more accurately come to a dead stop. A simple 'rm' would hang. I've 
reported this problem to the forum in the past. I also believe the fix for the 
problem is in Update 3 for Solaris 10, right?
 -[b]Surprisingly today the ZFS 'snapshot & clone' took an inordinate amount of 
time. I observed each snapshot & clone activity together took 10+ minutes. In 
the past the same activity has taken no more than a few seconds even during 
busy times. The total end-to-end timing for all snapshots/clones was a whopping 
 - Even more surprising was that local Zone refused to startup (zoneadm -z 
bluenile boot) with no error messages.
 - I was able to start the Zone only after an hour or so after the completion 
of the ZFS commands.

 - Why is the destroy phase taking so long?
 - What can explain the unduly long snapshot/clone times
 - Why didn't the Zone startup?
 - More surprisingly why did the Zone startup after an hour?

Thanks in advance.
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