Due to issue with patch tools, you must be already running 119254/119255-31 or above.
So in your case the zones need to be booted.
Although the error below is not something I have seen before

What was the exact out put ( if still available ) of the failing patchadd
What reupdate lease is this and what rev of 119254 is currently installed ( before adding rev 32 )
what is the zonepath and is it available at single user mode etc
could I see zonecfg -z syswithz0 info

Was the zone already booted and can one log into it etc when the zone is booted.

As for a procedure to follow, we recommend that if the patch is a single user mode patch then the system should be in single user mode, zones or no zones, but you will need to have 119254-31 installed prior to installing further patches in single user mode.
So 119254-31 or greater must be installed with the zones booted basically.


Rich Pedano - Engagement Architect - Mt. Laurel NJ wrote:

When my customer attempts to install a patch in single user mode all of
the patches are rejected immediately.
ERROR: unable to boot zone: problem running </usr/sbin/zoneadm> on zone
<syswithz01>: error 1
/syswithzones/syswithz01 must not be group readable.
/syswithzones/syswithz01 must not be group executable.
/syswithzones/syswithz01 must not be world readable.
/syswithzones/syswithz01 must not be world executable.
could not verify zonepath /syswithzones/syswithz01 because of the above
zoneadm: zone 'syswithz01': WARNING: pools facility not active; zone
will not be bound to pool 'pool_syswithz01'.
zoneadm: zone syswithz01 failed to verify

Can not boot non-global zone syswithz01
Verifying that patch 119254-32 is installed.

It seems the patching script was trying to access the local zone
filesystems or zoneadm utility but could not.

There is a procedure to add and remove patches from a system with zones at:


But it does not appear to specify if adminstrator needs to be in single
user or multi-user mode.

Is there a recommended user mode or procedure on how to add a patch to a
system running zones ?

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