After searching hi & low, I cannot find the answer for what I want to do (or at 
understand how to do it). I am hopeful somebody can point me in the right 
I have (2) non global zones (samba & www) I want to be able to have all user 
dir's served from zone samba AND be visable under zone www as the users 
dir. I have looked at delegating a dataset to samba and creating a new fs for 
each user but then I cannot share that with www. I also tried creating the fs 
under the global zone and mounting that via lofs but that did not seem to carry 
over each underlying fs and lost the quota capability. I cannot share via NFS 
since non global
zones cannot mount from the same server.

How can I achieve what I want to do?

The requirements are:

User Quotas (needs a file system for each user)
Share file systems across multiple non global zones (rw)

I have close to 3000 users so it must be a manageable approach and hopefully
allow me to use the root preexec of samba to auto create user dir's.

tia for any help,

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