This is for anyone not monitoring the Resource Managmenent Discuss list, 
everyone else please ignore.

Duckhorn was integrated last Thursday into Nevada Build 55 by Jerry Jelinek. In 
fact this putback included the following related improvements:

* PSARC 2006/496 
( Improved 
* PSARC 2006/598 
( Swap resource 
control; locked memory RM improvements
* PSARC 2006/660 
( rcapadm zone 

If you want proof that your codebase has it, just look for "dedicated-cpu" in 
usr/src/cmd/zonecfg/zonecfg.c. If you see it, you've got it.

If you want to test this code, it was included in the nightly build the evening 
of the 18th, you can get it here: Download the archives and 

Congrats to Jerry and everyone involved in this work for bringing so many 
important improvements to Solaris! Those of us depending on Solaris Zones thank 


PS: For clarification, while CPU Capping (soft) and Dedicted Memory (hard) 
integration with zonecfg are present, the magic behind the curtain is still 
underway. Memsets and cpu-cap rctl are still needed to complete the Duckhorn 
vision. See for details on those.
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