I am running Solaris 10 11/06 and trying to use the new zoneadm detach and 
attach commands.  I am running into a problem when trying to create a blank 
zone on the target host.  'Invalid path to detached zone'.  Has someone seen 
this error and know how to get past it?

On source host:

zoneadm -z testzone halt
zoneadm -z testzone detach

I then move the detached zone to the exact path on the target host

On target host:

zonecfg -z testzone 'create -a /zones/testzone; exit'
[b]invalid path to detached zone[/b]  <---- error message returned from zonecfg

The blank zone does not get created.  I've checked the contents of the zone 
(/zones/testzone) on the target host and it has the following contents:


Thanks for any guidance.

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