Simon Redmill wrote:
Hi All,

I have 2 machines running S10U3 SPARC and are connected to a shared SAN LUN. When I detach a zone it disappears from my zone list (zoneadm list -iv). What would be really useful is if 'zoneadm list' would return the fact that the zone is detached (and has previously been mounted on the platform) and the platform is therefore aware of the existance of that zone.

Essentially I'm trying to automate, through scripts, the movement of zones by using the supported command set. I've previously been able to do this in an unsupported manner....

So my question : Should 'zoneadm list' show up the fact that a zone is in a detached state (and is therefore a bug/error in my setup) or is this a case for an RFE?


The reason that the zone is not visible when you run 'zoneadm list -iv'
is because that command shows a list of installed zones and a
detached zone is no longer in the installed state.  It is in the
configured state.  If you ran 'zoneadm list -cv' you would see
the zone.  We do have an RFE open for 'zoneadm list -cv' to provide more
information on detached zones:

6409988 RFE: zoneadm list -cv should indicate if a zone is detached

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