Phil Freund wrote:
I have started using resource pools to limit the number of CPUs available
to a zone. I'm trying to find a way to track the pool assignment info and
have the following questions:

Is there a command that will tell me which pools my zones are assigned to
or do I have to check in each zone config for the value listed in the
"pool=" parameter of the zone name?

I can't think of a command which will do this - though it seems to me that it would be a useful tool - but the same functionality could be scripted with a combination of zonecfg and pooladm.

Information about zone->pool assignment 'feels' like it belongs in "zoneadm list" output (analogous to zonepath), but leads us further down the slippery slope of "what *else* belongs in there?" We might end up with a -o option to zoneadm similar to ps, and I'm not sure that's a Good Idea.

Perhaps a "containeradm" (or "constat") command is needed to manage or at least display information regarding containers.

Project Duckhorn will simplify some of this, see

Is there any pool related command that will tell me which resources,
including zones, are assigned to each pool?

TIA, Phil

Pooladm is as close as it gets.

I can't find an RFE for these. If there isn't a command or simple solution, I'll create an RFE.

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