On 1/23/07, James Carlson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Ellis, Mike writes:
> I believe all Ben is looking for is the ability to put a local zone's
> "root-fs" on NFS.

That boils down to the same problem.  Processes inside that no-lgobal
zone will issue system calls (such as open(2)) that reference these
files.  Somewhere in the middle of the stack, we need to realize that
the mount itself (distinct from the process invoking the system call)
is in a different zone, and switch to that zone for the underlying
network operations.  And we'll need to handle all the credential
issues I mentioned before.

That middle-of-the-stack magic doesn't currently exist, so what he's
asking won't work.

> Especially with U3's zone-import/export feature, this becomes very
> powerful (without having to goof around with lofs and friends)
> If there isn't an official (Solaris 10) RFE on this already (I thought
> there was) please let me know and I'll have one opened. (others can then
> attach to it in order to hopefully influence its priority)

I cited the RFE in my previous message -- it's CR 4963321.
James, would you mind sharing the rest of the info in CR 4963321?
b.o.o. says "see comments" :)


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