That would be a bug.  ;-( Thank you for catching it!

I made a change for compatibility and neglected to add back 
the hardening_args cases for lock and unlock.  While addressing 
that bug I noticed that the compatibility mode with version 1.7 
was still not complete for service hardening as well.  For 
compatibility with 1.7 you should also be able to use the following
syntax as well:

# zonemgr -a modify -n mini1 -s lock

I have submitted these two items as bugs and fixed them in 1.8.1
which is now uploaded in beta mode.  You can download it here:


On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 06:02 -0800, Jean-Louis Liagre wrote:
> Hi,
> it looks like there is something confusing or wrong in the documentation.
> The "-s" option examples are using either "basic|lock" or "basic|unlock" as 
> their parameter, but using either of them lead to an error.
> eg.
> # zonemgr -a modify -n mini1 -s "basic|lock"
> Are you sure that you want to "modify zone"? [no]yes
> Are you sure that you want to "disable services"? [no]yes
> Error: Invalid hardening argument for basic method.
> Use -h flag to see proper usage or -l flag to see the license.
> I'm running it on Solaris Express build 54
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